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  • A day long safety awareness program is organised in AEGCL on the 17th day of every month as ‘Samaguri Day’. The main objective of the ‘Samaguri day’ is to highlight the necessity and importance of safety and its regular practice in all aspects of life to prevent accidents and hazards resulting out of lack of awareness.
  • The 17th Day of each month is taken for this particular cause to commemorate the untoward incident of 220 kV Samaguri Substation, that took place on 17th September, 2020. The incident initiated due to over current and earth fault of a 33 kV Feeder and later fire broke out. During the incident, several valuable equipment damaged.
  • Taking a lesson from the incident, AEGCL, under the guidance of the Honourable Chairman, AEGCL decided to observe ‘Samaguri Day’ to remind the necessity of regular practice of safety, cleanliness and regular maintenance of the equipment.
  • The day begins with the different activities in the fields with demonstration of safety measures, cleanliness drive, discussion of the safety related issues l. This is followed by a meeting through video conferencing under the chairmanship of the Honourable Chairman, AEGCL. All level of officers under AEGCL take part in this meeting. Finally, a meeting is again organised in the field/ sub station level to discuss how to implement the instructions received from the Head Quarter/ Higher Level Officials during the day session.
  • The outcome of this ‘Samaguri Day” observation is very positive. Safety awareness has improved amongst the AEGCL employees along with routine maintenance of equipment and over all cleanliness of the substation premises.




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